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Introducing Heirflow™:

Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow.

Redefining Legacy.


Reimagining Family Continuity Management for the Modern Era

In a world that’s constantly evolving, leaving behind just a check and a three-ring binder is no longer enough. Heirflow is here to guide you through the myriad decisions that extend beyond the realms of law, finance, and tax, ensuring every aspect of your legacy is preserved.


More than cloud software.

A complete solutions platform.

Craft Tangible Legacies

  • 48 Guided Planning Journeys

  • 90 Days to Your Family Continuity Plan

Comprehensive Solutions. Navigate through your personalized itinerary of family continuity management journeys, ensuring every practical detail is addressed. 

Collaborative Approach. Engage with your hand-selected multidisciplinary team of professional planners, service providers, and trusted family members, to realize meaningful family continuity planning. 

  • 64 Writing prompts

  • 100% Privacy-oriented

Share What Matters. Craft your legacy communication, ensuring your values and wisdom are passed down: your ethical will, family history, and more.


Say Farewell on Your Terms. Leave behind heartfelt letters to your loved ones individually or as a family group, preserving emotional bonds.

Preserve Emotional Connections

Secure Your Digital Footprint

  • 360º Digital End-of-Life Review

  • 45-Point Digital Estate Dashboard

Digital Estate Planning. Manage your online presence, from social media accounts to digital files.

256k Bank Encryption. Experience peace of mind with industry-leading security, protecting your digital legacy.


Craft your legacy, seamlessly.

Every story deserves to be told. Every legacy, preserved. Heirflow ensures your family's continuity is captured, curated, and carried forward.


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